Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater

The Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater was founded in the summer of 2001. Artistic Director Yao Ababio created the esteemed company based on his love for African traditions and his extensive performing arts experience. Under his leadership, the company has distinguished itself in the dance and drum world for its dynamic and high energy performances as well as for its commitment to excellence and discipline.

Wherever they perform, the Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater becomes the audience’s favorite African dance and drum company, a reputation that we have worked diligently to maintain.


Obremski/Works (O/W) was founded in 2018 by Director and Choreographer Jesse Obremski. O/W is a nationally and internationally presented, AAPI equity-minded, New York City Based contemporary company with an emphasis on Dance Films and AAPI Support Fellowships. O/W’s first creation, No Words, was presented at Lincoln Center through HBO and the Dance Films Associations. Among O/W’s repertory includes other notable award-winning creations such as Opportunity and In-Visible, and has been selected for various residencies in New York City.

In 2022, O/W released its inaugural AAPI Support Fellowship, the VISION Fellowship, for collegiate-attending AAPI artists, and in 2023, the VOYAGER Fellowship, for international AAPI artists in the United States.