Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company’s mission is to celebrate the rich diversity of Mexican and Mexican-American cultural heritage through dance-based programming including live music. To this end, the organization produces the following: – Professional Performances via its touring company – Arts-in-Education and cultural enrichment programming – Community outreach activities that are free or low-cost and target

Harlem Stage E-Moves

Harlem Stage’s signature dance series, E-Moves, typically presents four exciting nights of innovative works with surprise pop up performances. Join us as we present highlights from the contemporary African choreographers presented at this year’s Harlem Stage E-Moves series. Featuring Omari Mizrahi, Tatiana Desardouin, and Titilayo Derricote.

Vissi Dance Theater

Founded in 1997 by Jamaican dancer/choreographer Courtney Ffrench, the Vissi Dance Theater is comprised of dancers from around the world who bring with them their cultural diversity and unique perspectives on movement and the performing arts. Vissi combines drama and dance in scintillating ways, while exploring social issues. The dance company’s style has been described

Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance

Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance is an exciting dance company based on the Indian Classical form of Bharatanatyam. It is the professional dance company of Jiva Performing Arts, an organization based in NYC, which seeks to educate and present the classical music and dance of India. The Company has performed in venues throughout the US

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company was founded in 1972 with the primary mission of expanding opportunities to provide a platform for multi-cultural choreographers and dance artists and is an example of the best of the American melting pot. The main techniques employed are modern and the richness in background is such that the audience is

Abakua Afro-Latin Dance Company

Frankie Martinez is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and renowned Latin contemporary dancers of his generation. Frankie’s exploration into the Afro-Caribbean roots of his performance art and the choreographic possibilities native to Latin/Afro-Latin dance positions him as one of the foremost authorities in the genre. He is the leader of the Afro-Latin

Nai Ni Chen Dance Company

The dances of Nai-Ni Chen fuse the dynamic freedom of American modern dance with the grace and splendor of Asian art. The Company’s productions take the audience beyond cultural boundaries to where tradition meets innovation and freedom arises from discipline. Choreographer/Dancer Nai-Ni Chen is an artist whose work defies categorization, as she is continually working

Pajarillo Pinta’o

Pajarillo Pinta’o With the founding of Pajarillo Pinta’o in 2003, Artistic Director Daniel Fetecua Soto has started to investigate the fusion of traditional dances and rhythms of Colombian folklore with the principals of modern dance and German tanz-theater. Pajarillo Pinta’o took its first steps as a traditional Colombian Folkloric dance ensemble while Colombian founder and