EMERGE125 (formerly Elisa Monte Dance)

Founded in 1981, EMERGE125 (formerly Elisa Monte Dance), bridges cultural barriers through the universal language of dance. The company’s work emphasizes three main objectives: TRAIN and maintain a corps of professional dancers of multi-ethnic origin, capable of meeting the artistic and physical demands of the choreography; EDUCATE individuals in the art of movement and in appreciation of live dance performance; and COLLABORATE with distinguished artists across other disciplines.


Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet

Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet is a critically acclaimed dance theater company that celebrates arts and culture through showcasing diverse, exceptionally trained professional dancers. The Company’s dancers present original choreography that embodies classical and modern techniques with African-American soul and spirit – all designed by Jamel Gaines. The Company honors national celebrations such as Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Earth Day, Juneteenth and World AIDS Day. While the Company has been a staple to communities in Downtown Brooklyn for over two decades, the artists have traveled domestically and internationally. The Company has achieved high honors, which include, but are not limited to, winning the Palm Spring Dance Festival and being showcased at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy. The Company and its work on social justice issues have earned accolades in New York, Miami, Washington, Oklahoma, and California.

The unifying nature of the Company has been featured in Cuba, Spain, Germany, and London. Creative Outlet’s focus on social and cultural awareness elevates the ethnic diversity of dance in the American theater. While the Company’s work predominantly celebrates the African Diaspora’s accomplishments, the artistry centers on modern struggles and disparities experienced across the human experience. The Company offers dance workshops, choreographic artist mentoring, master classes, and fitness & movement classes in addition to performing and touring.