McCoy Dance Project

McKoy Dance Project || MDP was founded in 2019 by Founder & Executive Artistic Director, Derick McKoy, Jr. In order to mirror the experiences we live through today, MDP’s mission is to empower one another and marginalized communities by blending together authentic stories, arts programming, and accessible events to strengthen community relationships and support systems. It is important to us that we foster connection and healing by diving head-first into works that are sensitive and conscious of the inequities and trauma built into our society. The company provides various programming throughout the year that highlights unheard and/or overlooked individual stories through the presentation of high caliber art. The company is currently led by Derick and his Associate Director, Mikaela S. Brandon who both steer the company in its vision with the support of a diverse board of directors.


Jacqueline Dugal

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Dugal is a Queens-based performer, choreographer, and producer originally from South Florida where they began dancing at Thomas Dance Studio in Lake Worth. Jacqui received their BFA in Dance Performance with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida in Tampa. While at USF, performed various faculty and guest artist works, including Lucifer’s Prance, choreographed by Robert Moses (San Francisco, California, USA) and Koto Excerpts choreographed by Alonzo King of LINES Ballet (San Francisco, California, USA).

Jacqui has studied contemporary movement in Paris, France with various artists, and in Rome, Italy with Spellbound Contemporary Ballet Company. Jacqui performed a trio at the COCO International Dance Festival in Trinidad & Tobago during their undergraduate studies. Upon graduation, on a full tuition scholarship, Jacqui studied in Mexico with the ArcDanz International program and performed at Mexico City’s Museo Soumaya.

Frankie Martinez

Frankie Martinez is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and progressive Latin dancers of his generation. His exploration into the Afro-Caribbean roots of performance art, as well as the choreographic possibilities native to Latin/Afro-Latin dance, positions him as one of the foremost authorities in the genre.

In 2000, Frankie established the Abakuá Afro-Latin Dance Company. Within months of its inception, Abakuá gained notoriety within the Latin dance community and ultimately, the performing arts community at large.

To date, Frankie Martinez and Abakuá have performed and taught in over 50 cities and over 20 countries worldwide. They have produced full-length, concert dance productions in New York City and have performed at prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden, Roseland Ballroom, Lincoln Center, Aaron Davis Hall, Jacob’s Pillow and SummerStage.

Frankie is also the founder of the Afro Latin Funk Method, a concept which answers the question, “What would Latin dance be if a disciplined training method were applied?”

Renowned for his work as a dancer, choreographer, and educator, Frankie continues to dedicate himself towards the elevation of Afro-Latin dance and to its recognition as a legitimate art form.

Alicia Dellimore

Alicia C. Dellimore is an evolved dance artist, massage therapist, personal trainer, Pilates & yoga instructor. Her mission is to guide her followers through thought provoking movement, form corrective exercises & manipulations, posture stabilizing alignment, and an empowered meditative flow.

Dance has served Alicia as an anchor- a grounding medium that blossomed the passions of yoga, fitness, nutrition, and energy healing. Alicia found her artistic voice once introduced to dance improvisation and composition. Once concerned to perform the “right” way, for the “right” reasons, for “right” people, Alicia practices to let go of other’s limitations & truths by listening to her inner voice. In both career and life, she’s guided by following her desires.

An Adelphi University scholarship graduate majoring in dance, Alicia’s training includes; Martha Graham Center, Alvin Aliey’s summer intensive, and Mark Morris. After university, she desired to deepen her 4 year yoga practice by studying the Joschi Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification Program. She began to see how she could guide others towards experiencing yoga and began teaching for gyms and privately. Working as an instructor gave way to her employment at the elite Equinox Gym, as a personal trainer due to her attention to detail. Her employment granted her access to the Equinox Fitness Training Institute program, then later getting her NCSF certification. Upon feeling distracted from her art, she departed Equinox to instead perform; performances include BAM New Wave festival, Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It”, and Lacoste’s fragrance launch.

Navatman Dance

Navatman Dance, led by artistic director Sahasra Sambamoorthi, is a bharatanatyam dance company based in New York City whose mission is to bring extraordinary, boundary-pushing productions to the stage, making Indian classical dance more accessible to understand and experience without removing the beauties of tradition and history that the style has developed from.