The legacy of dance in Jamaica, Queens is rich — including dance educators like Bernice Johnson and Gloria Jackson — but only somewhat storied. The Jamaica Dance Festival celebrates Jamaica’s rich dance legacy — and its dynamic future — and does so in grand fashion!

The inaugural festival took place in the Summer of 2016, with a series of five consecutive Saturday evening performances that took place in Rufus King Park on the front lawn of Rufus King’s storied manor house.

The 2nd Annual Jamaica Dance Festival took place in June of 2018 over the course of four consecutive Saturday evening performances — again in Rufus King Park on a 32’x40′ stage constructed on the front lawn of the King Manor House.

The 3rd Annual Jamaica Dance Festival will take place in the Spring/Summer of 2019. Stay tuned for additional information.

Specifically designed to appeal to a broad section of Jamaica’s residents, The Jamaica Dance Festival remains free and open to the public!

The Jamaica Dance Festival: A Celebration of Jamaica’s Rich Dance Legacy and Its Future

The Jamaica Dance Festival is a program of A Better Jamaica ( and The Jamaica Arts Council (